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£18 (+VAT) per person

If you’re paddling in the classroom then you need to get Barry the maintenance man pretty sharpish cause something ain’t right with your plumbing!

It’s OK Barry, false alarm. We got this – an opportunity to explore beyond the classroom and get your class learning in a practical setting while breathing in some quality outdoor fresh O2 (cheeky science drop there…)

There are so many benefits to including outdoor activities as part of educational school trips. Not only are our sessions helping your group be active which means it’s fantastic for their health and wellbeing, they’ll also learn new skills in new ways that cannot be taught in the classroom, and they’ll achieve things they never thought possible. Yes, just like Harry Potter. 

“You’re a paddler, Harry”.

We know, we may not look like Hagrid (we’re less hairy and more fresh faced) but with years of experience in organising school trips and youth group projects we get it – you want unique and fulfilling activities that will aid both their educational and personal development, right?

Well, hey! Nice to meet you! That’s us! Hop on board – there’s plenty of room.

Available Activities

Take their learning out of the classroom and onto the water!

School trips with PaddleTime will have them exploring and learning outside the classroom


With gallons of wildlife and hidden history spots, there’s plenty of knowledge nuggets splashed across our sessions. Using our 2-3 seater Canadian canoes, groups will also learn that paddling in small teams requires commitment, communication and awareness – skills that will benefit them for life.

Minimum of 8 students required.

From 8+ years
From 2 hours
From £18 (+VAT) per person

Kayaking Parties

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From 10 + years
2 hours

My ten year old had a fabulous time at her canoeing party on Friday supervised by PaddleTime. It lasted 2 hours and each of the 8 children all agreed it was the best party they had ever been to. Thank you!

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Minimum of 8 students required.
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